Registration for the 2017 Marathon Shuffle is now open! Total registration (for the half and full shuffles combined) is capped at 450 this year, and we have already reached that limit! If you would like to register to be on the waiting list, we will let you know on a first-come first-served basis as a spot comes available.

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This is a PEOPLE ONLY event! While we love dogs and welcome them on the Sunshine Coast Trail every other day of the year, we ask that you leave your furry friends home for the event. THERE ARE NO DOGS ALLOWED ON THE MARATHON SHUFFLE.

If you have registered for the shuffle and then discover you cannot make it (whether you are on the main list, or the waiting list) PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP so that we can make room for someone else. Last year we had a number of people who didn’t show up, which meant that people who would have liked to do the shuffle could not. Please help us to avoid that situation by COMING if you register, and CANCELLING if you cannot make it. THANK YOU!

Not sure if you’re registered? Check the Confirmation List