Half Shuffle Questions and Answers

Question: What is different about the Half Shuffle this year?

Answer: The Half Shuffle takes place on Saturday, April 28, 2018. It is a separate event from the Full Shuffle. It is being sponsored Tla’amin Nation’s 2020 Tribal Canoe Journey group and all donations from the Half Shuffle will go towards the 2020 Tribal Canoe Journey.

The Half Shuffle route is also different this year. It will take place on the Sunshine Coast Trail from Haywire Bay to the Shinglemill, an 8 kilometre route. There will be one check-in station at Mowat Bay. The event will begin at 10 am, with sign-in and Bib pickup starting at 7:30 am at the Shinglemill. Buses will leave the Shinglemill at 9 am to take participants to Haywire Bay for the start of the event.

Question: How do I participate?

Answer: Participation is a two-step process.

  1. Registration – The only way to register is online on this site. Registration for the 2018 shuffle will open March 1, 2018
  2. Sign-in and Bib Number pickup – Sign-in and Bib number pickup for the Half Shuffle will be at the Shinglemill at 7:30 am the morning of the run/hike. *PLEASE NOTE! ALL SIGN-IN WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE SHINGLEMILL. THERE WILL BE NO SIGN-IN AT HAYWIRE BAY SO ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST SIGN IN AT THE SHINGLEMILL.

Question: Where do I register on the day of the event?

Answer: There is no last minute registration. All participants MUST be registered ahead of time. Remember – the only way to register is online.

Question: How long does it take to hike the whole 8 kilometres?

Answer: It takes between two to three hours to hike the 8-kilometre Half Shuffle route. Runners could complete the route in under an hour.

Question: What do I do if I decide not to complete the entire route?

Answer: It is very important that you turn your Bib number into a volunteer or event official, either at the Mowat Bay checkpoint or at the finish line at the Shinglemill. All participants will be tracked throughout the event by way of the Bib number. Failure to turn in the Bib number will cause event organizers to believe that you are still out on the course somewhere and send Search & Rescue out to look for you.

Question: How do I get from the Shinglemill parking lot out to the start at Haywire Bay?

Answer: There will be bus service shuttling Half Shuffle participants from the Shinglemill to the start at Haywire Bay. The bus leaves at 9 am.

Question: Is there transportation for participants travelling from Vancouver Island?

Answer: Yes, there will be transportation for people coming from Vancouver Island and travelling on the Saturday morning ferry from Comox to Powell River. Service will be waiting at the ferry terminal to take participants to the Shinglemill, for sign-in and bib pickup. From there, participants can take a bus out to Haywire Bay. There will be transportation at the Shinglemill at the end of the Half Shuffle to take people back to the ferry terminal.

Question: What’s the registration fee?

Answer: There is no registration fee, but participants are encouraged to make a donation towards Tla’amin Nation’s 2020 Tribal Canoe Journey group.

Question: Will there be a Lost & Found?

Answer: Yes. A station will be set up in the Merchandise Tent at the finish line.

Thank You!