Full Shuffle Questions and Answers

Question:  How do I participate?

Answer:  Participation is a two-step process.

  1. Registration
  • The only way to register is online on this site. Registration for the 2018 shuffle will open March 1, 2018.
  1. Sign-in and Shuffle Bib Number pick up
  • Sign-in and Shuffle Bib Number pick up for the Full Shuffle will be at the Shinglemill at 7:30 am the morning of the run/hike. *PLEASE NOTE! ALL SIGN-IN WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE SHINGLEMILL. THERE WILL BE NO SIGN-IN AT MALASPINA ROAD SO ALL SHUFFLERS MUST SIGN IN AND PICK UP THEIR BIBS AT THE SHINGLEMILL.

Question: Where do I register on the day of the event?

Answer: There is no last minute registration. All participants MUST be registered ahead of time. Remember – the only way to register is online.

Question: How long does it take to hike the whole 29 kilometres?

Answer: It takes between six to eight hours to hike the full 29 kilometres, with six hours being a steady pace without much time spent taking breaks and smelling the orchids. Runners take between three to five hours.

Question:  What do I do if I decide not to complete the entire route?

Answer:  It is very important that you turn your Shuffle Bib Number in to a volunteer or event official, either at a checkpoint, or at the finish line at the Shinglemill.  All participants will be tracked throughout the Shuffle by way of the run bib number. Failure to turn in the run bib will cause event organizers to believe that you are still out on the course somewhere and send Search & Rescue out to look for you.

Question: How do I get from the Shinglemill parking lot out to the start at Malaspina Road?

Answer: There will be a bus service shuttling runners/hikers doing the full shuffle from the Shinglemill to the start at Malaspina Road.  The bus leaves between 8:00 and 8:15 am, or when full.

Question: If I leave my car at Malaspina Road, how do I get back out there after the Shuffle?

Answer: There is no service to retrieve your vehicle.  People should make these carpooling arrangements before the Shuffle.

Question: Is there bus service for participants travelling from Vancouver Island?

Answer: There will be bus service for people coming from Vancouver Island and travelling on the Sunday morning ferry from Comox to Powell River. The bus will be waiting at the ferry terminal to take participants to the Shinglemill, for sign-in and bib pickup. From there, participants will take a bus out to Malaspina Road. There will be a bus at the Shinglemill to take people back to the ferry terminal for the 5:15 pm sailing.

Question: What’s the registration fee?

Answer: There is no registration fee, but to raise funds for trail maintenance and improvements we encourage participants to make a donation, or to buy a PRPAWS membership, a Shuffle t-shirt and/or a SCT Passport, the proceeds of which get pumped back into trail maintenance and improvements 100%.

Question: How can I get a Shuffle T-shirt and/or SCT Passport?

Answer: Shirts, passports, guidebooks and other items will be available on a first-come first-serve basis at the finish line. All of these items can also be purchased at Tourism Powell River, 4257 Joyce Avenue.

Question: How can I make a donation?

Answer: You can make a donation online through PayPal or with a credit card or Visa debit card. You can also make a cheque out to: PRPAWS, and mail it to: Box 345, Powell River, BC, V8A 5C2, or bring your cheque or cash to the Shuffle. You will be issued a tax receipt that will be mailed to you. Your donation will be used to maintain and improve the trail throughout the year. We are building another shelter, another kiosk, more benches, picnic tables, swimming docks, camp sites, and outhouses along the whole 180 km of the Sunshine Coast Trail. Your donation is an important component for the success of the SCT, Canada’s longest hut-to-hut hiking trail.

Question: Will there be a Lost & Found?

Answer: Yes! A station will be set up at the finish line at the merchandise tent.

Thank you!