(2022) There will be changes as we rebuild the event after a 2 year pause due to the pandemic measures. Most notably, we may not be providing aid stations or buses to the start. Assume that you will need to be totally self-sufficient. You may be pleasantly surprised!

We’re excited to be working with Club Fat Ass (“CFA” – an outdoor event club that hosts free events for active people) to manage registration. There are two steps to registering:

1. Join Club Fat Ass

Complete a registration form and release of liability. You can complete this step at any time. Join Club Fat Ass

  • Already a CFA member? Go directly to Step 2!
  • Never participated in a CFA event? To take advantage of your one time free event, be sure to join the Sunshine Coast Chapter.
  • Are you under 18? You’re welcome to participate in any CFA event for free. Please have a parent complete your Club registration.

2. Sign up on the Marathon Shuffle Facebook Event Page

We expect there will be more people who would like to participate in the Shuffle than we can accommodate with our small handful of volunteers. To be fair, registration will be on a first come, first served basis. We will have a small waiting list and will reserve some starting slots for key sponsors and volunteers. You can complete this step any time after 07:30 on 1 March 2022 (subject to availability). Sign-up for the 2022 Marathon Shuffle.

Please be sure to read all of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before you sign up. Use the discussion forum on the Marathon Shuffle Facebook event page to ask questions, coordinate rides and share information.

Note: Anyone who has not completed both registration steps will be contacted by Facebook Messenger with a reminder. The name of anyone who is not fully registered will be posted on the Facebook event page roughly 2 weeks before the start as a final reminder. Anyone remaining will be removed from the start list and someone on the wait list will take their place.