2008 Marathon Shuffle Results

On Saturday, April 26, the 15th annual Marathon Shuffle attracted 35 participants, including four Club Fatass runners from the Lower Mainland. The 29 km long Shuffle along the Sunshine Coast Trail from Malaspina Road to the Shinglemill saw both runners and leisurely hikers enjoy a cloudless day. Four stations along the way provided donated fruit, cookies and drinks, so hikers and runners could simply travel without a pack, and re-energize ever hour or two.

John McGrath and Angus McLellan took back the Tom Mills men’s trophy to Vancouver with them. Powell River’s own Val Smith turned in the fastest woman’s performance hard on the heels of the two ultra-marathoners, and will collect the trophy for that astonishing feat. Doug Hudson, not far behind, produced the fastest time for a male runner from Powell River.

Clusters of shufflers stopped at the vistas and took in the fabulous scenery, or the ladyslipper orchids (calypsos), growing at the edge of the well-marked trail. There was something for everybody. At Little Sliammon Lake, the boardwalk, bridge, swimming dock, toilet, picnic table and shelter constructed there in the spring by the BOMB Squad and PR PAWS astonished everyone passing through the new recreation site.

John McGrath 4:16
Angus McLellan 4:16
Val Smith 4:35
Doug Hudson 5:00
Gail Swanson 5:05
Richie Tait 5:45
Marg Reckenberg 5:46
Ron Sellers 6:00
Lita Biron 6:11
Shay Wilson 6:50
Vanessa Fors 6:50
Phil Kemp 6:53
Jill Brewer 6:53
Craig Brownhill 7:01
Yvonne Langkjar 7:01
Mardi Lavirtue 7:09
Mary Miller 7:09
Susan Hill 7:30
Mia Jongkind 7:30
Joe Tait 7:30
Bruce MacDonald 7:35
Anita MacDonald 7:35
Rudi Vanzwaaij 7:49
Eagle Walz 7:49

Other registered participants were Bill Price, Eric McClinchey, Will Langlands, Janet May, Margot Glaspey, Susan Hainstock, Bill Chrysler, Shirley Zylstra, Carol Sellers, Ann Innes and Bob Innes.