There are so many people who have contributed to the Sunshine Coast Trail project over the years – building and maintaining trails, building huts, advocating for land and forest protection, offering financial and in-kind donations, helping to publicize the hiking trail, using and spreading the word – it is truly a community effort. But here we’d like to recognize the unique contributions of the board of directors – several of whom have been serving since the beginning of PRPAWS in 1992.

Dave Bedry

David Bedry

Dave Bedry moved to Powell River with his wife in 2007. Since 2012 he has been helping with hut construction and trail work; he became a director in 2017. Dave views his contributions of labour as his form of tithing to something that contributes to his spiritual well-being. Many pictures of the SCT on Facebook are his.

Scott Glaspey

Scott Glaspey: TREASURER

Co-founder of PRPAWS, Scott has spent the past 25 years nurturing and building the dream of the Sunshine Coast Trail. Known for his great sense of humour, and his tireless trail building and maintenance, he’s also the official camp cook.

Krystle Mitchelitis

Krystle Mitchelitis

Krystle moved to Powell River in 2019 and has since become an active member of the community. She can be found focusing her time on local tourism, wildlife and the ocean! Krystle comes from a business and tourism background and when she is not hard at work hiking fluffing up a mountain she can be found learning the tricks of the trade to take over for PRPAWS Treasurer in the near future.

Jim Stutt

Jim Stutt: BUILDER

When you visit the huts along the SCT, it is Jim’s vision that you are greeted with. Jim designed the huts, improving and tweaking each one as they were built. He supervised the building of all the huts and has also spent numerous hours building and maintaining trails.

Monty Tyrwhitt-Drake

Monty Tyrwhitt-Drake: RESEARCHER

Co-founder of PRPAWS,  remembers thrashing around in wet salal looking for trail routes for what became the SCT.  Monty has been a strong advocate for the trail over the years, providing invaluable research to promote and protect the SCT as well as the environment in general. Monty admires John Clark and Ardea herodias fanini.

Dustin Villeneuve

Dustin Villeneuve

Dustin moved to Powell River in 2017 and was immediately drawn to PRPAWS and the SCT. He first became involved assisting with trail maintenance efforts and has since played an active role in administrative and marketing tasks. He has a passion for the great outdoors, conservation, and sustainable development.

Eagle Walz


Co-founder of PRPAWS, Eagle has spent the past 25 years nurturing and actualizing the dream of the SCT through countless hours of planning, advocacy, public relations, meetings, negotiations, correspondence, as well as trail and hut building and maintenance.

Emily Walz


Emily remembers hiking these trails as just a little girl, being all but dragged into the bush by her father Eagle. Now as an adult, you can’t keep her off of the SCT. She has joined the board to help continue the wilderness vision of PRPAWS, to share the well-being and healing she experiences when out with the trees. “Out into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”

Photos and bios to come: Brian Johnston and Jesse Newman