Confederation Lake on the Sunshine Coast TrailThe original Confederation Lake Hut was built a number of years ago under the auspices of Forestry, but that hut, which was in a state of disrepair has been replaced this fall (2016) with a brand new fully enclosed hut with pellet stove. This lovely hut sits at the edge of an ancient fir forest that you must climb through to get there. It is located on the shore of a fish-bearing lake, which is also great for swimming!

The climb up to this hut will leave you breathless – literally and figuratively! This is a steep part of the trail, but it traverses through stunning patches of old growth. Take your walking stick for this section of the trail, and plenty of water. Confederation Lake is a great destination for a day hike. Take a lunch and make the hut your half-way point, either going back down the way you came, or continuing on and descending on the Fiddlehead Landing Trail.

Confederation Lake Hut At-A-Glance

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  • 10
  • Fully enclosed, winterized cabin
  • Outhouse, picnic table, fire pit