Elk Lake on the Sunshine Coast TrailThe Elk Lake Hut was built by the Powell River ATV Club and PAWS in the spring of 2011 — and it was one of the fastest to go up! This hut is nestled amongst trees at the edge of the elongated Elk Lake, which has a swimming dock to enjoy during the warm summer months. Blueberries abound in late summer and fall; great for early winter skating.

Elk Lake is located in higher climes, and it’s a little harder to get to than some of the other sections of the Sunshine Coast Trail, but it’s worth the effort – winter and summer – because it is remote, it seems all the more untouched. It’s a special place to spend a clear, starry summer night!

Elk Lake Hut At-A-Glance

  • 110
  • 10
  • Partially-open shelter
  • Outhouse, picnic tables, fire pit, sleeping loft, swimming dock