Tin Hat Mountain on the Sunshine Coast TrailThe halfway point of the Sunshine Coast Trail, the Tin Hat Hut is an epic 360-degree mountain-top lookout that provides the quintessential view of the rugged mountains, valleys, and lakes that define the Powell River back country experience. This hut, built by PAWS in 2011, is a fully winterized cabin with pellet stove.

This hut is located in, arguably, one of the most beautiful spots on the Sunshine Coast Trail, and although it is a climb to get there, the experience is well worth the effort.

Tin Hat Mountain is named for the tin hats that were worn by loggers who were pioneers in the Powell River area, and the mountain itself was once home to a fire lookout station, because of the expansive view it provides of all the surrounding forested areas.

Tin Hat Hut At-A-Glance

  • 90
  • 10
  • Fully insulated cabin
  • Outhouse, picnic tables, fire pit, fully enclosed cabin, sleeping loft