Walt Hill Hut Access

From the junction of Wharf Street and Marine Avenue drive south on Highway 101 to Duck Lake Forest Service Road just beyond the Myrtle Point golf course. Turn left and drive north until you reach Duck Lake. Turn right and cross over the Lang Creek Bridge. Make your way along the south shore of Duck Lake for 2.7 km until you reach the Alaska Pine Junction. Bear right for another 2.8 km to Burma/Granite Lake Junction (N 49°50.587′, W 124°22.710′). Turn left and four-wheel uphill for about 400 m, turning right at the second junction. This road was called Branch 21 historically. About 500 metres along you will notice a new logging spur off to your right. Carry on past it for about 100 metres and look for one of several parking pullouts.

Branch 21 gets really gnarly quickly, resembling a creek bed rather than a road, and so it’s highly recommended to park and continue on foot from here. Keep an eye out for the occasional red diamond-shaped markers and the signage directing you toward Walt Hill.

Within an hour or so you will reach a T-junction (N 49°50.713’, W 124°20.580’). The winter route up the old way to Walt Hill Hut highlighted in yellow on the map, while the new route via Suicide Pass is highlighted in orange. A left turn would take you up the old way to Walt Hill, but a right turn onto A22 will lead you to Suicide Pass. Inside of 15 minutes this level old road enters maturing forest and is joined by the solidly marked SCT coming up out of Suicide Pass on the right. Keep follow the markers on the road/trail, as it soon turns uphill into the small valley cut by Walt Creek.

At the end of A22 you must cross over the creek. On the other side the trail becomes a single track as it enters the Old Growth Management Area (OGMA). It winds back and forth as it switchbacks uphill through OGMA, then doghair, then OGMA again all the way to the Walt Hill Hut, about two km from the ford and at an elevation of 1000 m.

Sign the logbook, snap a selfie with you in front of the hut, so you can take it down and get a unique stamp for your SCT Passport.
Please consider that any snowshoeing may double travel times.