The huts are a relatively new addition to the Sunshine Coast Trail, and they have been garnering a lot of attention — not just because they are gorgeous structures placed in unforgettable locations, but because they make the Sunshine Coast Trail one of the only trails in Canada where it is possible to hike hut-to-hut.

The huts are for shared public use, so if you plan to use them, please keep in mind that you may be sharing with others (a wonderful way to meet other hikers!).

Also, please ensure that you pack out ALL of your garbage and leave the huts in the same, or better, shape than you found them in.

The pages in this section will give you information and images of each of the huts individually. Although most of the shelter-type huts are based on the same design, they are each unique, and each has its own story.

The SCT huts have been built over the course of the past four years. They were made possible by funding from Island Economic Coastal Trust (ICET), BC Transmission Corporation, Union of BC Municipalities, numerous smaller donations plus matching funds in the form of thousands of hours of volunteer labour.

Please respect these huts — a lot of care and effort has been spent in planning and building them, and we hope they will be around for many years, for many, many hikers to enjoy.

In this section: