This page is for the crazy people who choose to run the ~180 kilometer Sunshine Coast Trail.  Our hope is that this page will become the place where runners go to find everything they need to know about the trail from the running perspective.  It’s a new page and the person who manages it (Ean Jackson) would prefer to be out running, so please be patient as there is much work to be done…

Discussion Forum
We’re planning to add a place where runners can plan their runs on the Sunshine Coast Trail with the help of other runners.

Through Runners and FKTs (Fastest Known Times)
This section is dedicated to acknowledging the efforts of those who have run the trail nonstop.  

All-time Finishers

Date Name Distance
33:13 2021-Jun   Oskar Michalak   unsupported
27:20 2020-Aug   Nick Duff 176 male record-holder
28:56 2018-Jul   Christophe Le Saux    
31:27 2015-Aug   Alston Miller 176  
31:55 2016-Jul   Dylan Morgan    
32:42 2013-Jul   Alston Miller 176  
33:50 2014-Sep   Nicola Gildersleve 176 female record-holder
35:38 2021-Sep   Sean Byrne 176  
? ?   Dave ? 176  
43:50 2004-July   Ean Jackson 180+  

Notes on FKTs, Through Running and Records

  • The trail has changed over time. The routes chosen by runners may have been different.  The condition of the trail, the weather etc. are all factors.  What does “unsupported” mean?  We can debate these things in the discussion forum.


  • Getting around.   The Sunshine Coast Shuttle specializes in helping people to get to and from the trail.  
  • Trail information.  Recently updated to the 5th edition, The Sunshine Coast Trail Hut-to-Hut Hiking:  Walz, R. E. is a must-have for anyone attempting to run the trail.

Running Events on the Sunshine Coast Trail

  • Marathon Shuffle.  This is a free, annual event that is hosted by PRPAWS.  It is usually held on the last Sunday of April.  It has been suspended due to COVID 19.
  • Ultra.  This is a proposed private, paid event that is managed by Team Globe Trailers.  It is planned for 2022.


  • Last update to this page was August 2021.  If you’d like to see anything here updated (corrections, helpful resources, etc.) please contact Ean Jackson ( eanjackson (at) gmail (dot) com )